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As builders and now as Realtors too, we have years of experience. We look at homes in different ways. We point out the extras the builder put into the home and the cost and benefits. When we list a home that is years old we notice things that have been updated to todays standards. This shows the buyer that the home owner cared about their home. We also make recommendations for the home seller to improve their home. This helps to sell faster, make more money and also repair items so inspections will go smoother. We have all the phone numbers and contacts for contractors. We try to make your buying and selling experience easier. We walk you through step by step and answer your questions. This is our job and we take it to heart.
If you want to have a home custom built we can sell your home and build your new one.
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Home Improvement Can Make or Break the Sale

When preparing to sell a home it makes sense that you are going to want to tidy things up a bit. Sure there are the occasional, “do it yourselfers”, out there who are looking for a ,”fixer upper”. But more often than not potential buyers are starting families, have careers or are just looking for that place to call home for the autumn years of their lives.

A little home improvement can go a long way to keeping potential buyers in the front door. But how much is too much. What’s worth the time, effort and expense.
First step is to give the home a one over from the perspective of a buyer. Maybe invite some friends for an outside opinion. Be reasonable not, “critical”, however. Stressing over every detail can be more of a headache than its worth. Remember that you lived in this home. And buyers know that homes are lived in.

Things to Consider

A fresh coat of paint in some areas; the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedrooms give those areas a fresh feeling without much expense.
Sometimes homeowners over the years may have modified the landscape to fit their taste. You might consider returning it to a more uniform standard that fits the rest of the neighborhood a bit.
And finally of course, patching up wear and tear.
Living in a home for several years, things tend to get broken, dented, scuffed. And you might not even notice it. “Face it, you live there”.

Brad Officer, a Re/MAX real estate agent in Jacksonville, Fla., says sellers shouldn’t overlook the garage. “Have the floors painted with garage floor epoxy. It’s amazing how many people comment on a clean crisp garage with a painted floor.”

He adds that removing the window screen and cleaning the frames can also boost curb appeal. “Most window screens darken a home and trap dirt. Removing them and cleaning all windows before the home has been photographed will give it a much brighter appearance, inside and out.”
Inside the home, there are numerous improvement projects of varying price tags that can speed up the selling process.

Things You Might Want To Avoid

Some homeowners might consider upgrading the kitchen. This is not entirely a bad idea. People like using the latest appliances. But upgrade a few of the essentials at a reasonable expense.
“A big mistake a lot of home sellers make is they upgrade the kitchen thinking they will make so much more money on the house. But the rest of the house still needs upgrading or repairs,” says Michael Corbett, Trulia’s real estate expert. “Home sellers have to look at repairs as a whole rather than a sum of parts”, he says.

# Appliances REplace or REpair !?!?!

appliance-repairAt what time is it best to replace or repair an appliance. As for myself we try to keep and appliance going until there is no life left. This is not always the best way to go. Something age teaches you over time. Understand if I have a warranty on an appliance it will be fixed. However if to get an extended warranty cost almost as much as a new appliance forget it, I will buy new. Reasons for buying new 1. Age of Appliance . 2. What is really wrong with the Appliance can my husband fix it?? He is pretty good most of the time. 3. Do I need a repair person pay the trip charge then the repair. Trip charge range from $60 – $85 then add parts and time. At this time new starts to look pretty good. Depending on the item cost of old VS new. These are the typically life expectancy of appliances. Give or take!
Refrigerator: 15-19 years
Clothes Dryer: 13-14 years
Clothes Washer: 11-13 years
Range: Electric 12 years Gas 13 years
Water Heater: Electric 14 years Gas 11-13 years
What I have found out, the newer appliance are for the most part more Energy efficient this is the pro the con is they seem to take more time to clean. My examples are the washer and a energy efficient dishwasher. So I plan my schedule accordingly. The newer item my washer has more buttons to chose from and it chimes when I change setting. I am sure my grandmother would have loved it.

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